Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management is a cloud-based application suite that helps HR to deliver end-to-end solutions to manage every stage of the employee's lifecycle. Right from hiring to onboarding to promotions. Oracle HCM Cloud implementation helps enterprises make faster, smarter, and more strategic decisions.


As a leading Oracle HCM partner, we help you retain and engage the best talent in your enterprise with Oracle HCM Cloud. From seamlessly configuring and documenting all Oracle HCM applications to defining and developing testing scripts, our team ensures you get the most ROI from your Oracle HCM implementation.

"Oracle Human Resources"

Leverage configurable and scalable workflows, personalize your employee experiences and make better decisions. Oracle HR simplifies the task of managing resources and related processes. You can empower employees and managers with self-service for common tasks.

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"Oracle Talent Management"

Oracle HCM Cloud implementation allows you to manage your company’s entire talent lifecycle. Be it sourcing, recruiting, onboarding new hires, managing goals, or performance rewards. With Oracle Talent Management, deliver a continuous learning experience while keeping your employees engaged.

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"Oracle Recruiting"

Oracle Recruiting is a part of Oracle HCM Cloud modules. It helps enterprises acquire, hire, and onboard talent efficiently and simultaneously improves candidates’ onboarding experience.

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"Oracle Workforce Management"

Maximize performance levels, employee productivity and competency of your organization with Oracle Workforce Management. It effectively forecasts labor requirements to create and manage staff schedules for accomplishing tasks on either daily or hourly basis.

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"Oracle HCM Analytics"

Oracle HCM Analytics is pre-built with comprehensive reports and dashboards to give you enterprise-wide insights into your workforce. Get an in-depth look at all the workforce changes with pre-built KPIs. Understand your workforce, align performance goals across organization, and get insights into employee retention and attrition rates with Oracle HCM Analytics.

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"Oracle HR Helpdesk"

Oracle HR Help Desk ensures every employee has access to quick and consistent HR services in your organization. With this unified service request management solution, employees can easily find answers to their queries without the risk of accessing sensitive data.

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Attract the best talent and retain the workforce for tomorrow
Retaining and nurturing a talented workforce becomes easier with Oracle HRMS. It offers professional learning and paves the way for employee growth. Enterprises can recruit the right candidates and increase the hiring speed with Oracle HCM Cloud. Now motivate your employees by increasing engagement and continuously delivering a superior employee experience.
Optimize Workforce Management
Oracle Human Capital Management system allows companies to allocate the right mix of monetary and non-monetary rewards based on the employee's performance. Since Oracle HCM Cloud automates most of the processes, enterprises can easily manage time, labor, and other related expenses.
Transform your workplace for the future
Oracle HCM offers measurable insights to help you anticipate workforce attrition. This way, you can predict and prepare tailored HR processes to cater to your unique needs. Oracle HR Cloud ensures you can quickly adjust the workforce as per organizational changes.
Rethink your HR operations
With adaptability in mind, streamline and digitize your HR processes with Oracle HCM Cloud. It allows you to leverage HR analytics to make more intelligent workforce decisions. Being equipped with a centralized system, you can automate processes on global and local levels alike. Leverage employee self-service to accelerate HR processes.